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Keep your classic Jaguar classic to the core and use the correct oils and lubes say Castrol Classic UK specialists

 Keep your classic Jaguar classic to the core and use the correct oils and lubes say Castrol Classic UK specialists

There are currently 12 Jaguar Castrol Classic products available from Castrol Classic South Africa for Jaguar owners:

Castrol started producing transmission fluids in 1906, and have been pioneering advancements in motor technology ever since. During this time, many formulations have come and gone, so at Castrol they know what works with different engines. Choosing the right oil for Heritage Jaguars is essential for the engine to remain in peak running condition, and to ensure maximum protection against wear. Castrol Classic South Africa have all the necessary products for your Jaguar.

Why use Castrol Classic Oils, modern oils need to meet specific criteria regarding fuel emission, extended drain intervals and after-market exhaust treatment systems. Because of this they are generally thinner and/or fully synthetic, making them increasingly incompatible with older Heritage engines.

The Castrol Classic Oils range offers formulations for older vehicles that have been specially blended for the work they must do. They are specially formulated in the style of the original products, using the most appropriate and carefully balanced additive technology to provide the best protection and performance for Heritage engines. For example, Anti-wear additives are added to ensure that if the oil film between moving parts breaks down prematurely, metal to metal contact and irreparable engine damage is prevented. Using the correct corrosion inhibitors helps prevent components becoming pitted with rust, caused by a build-up of acid and water vapour during engine combustion.

Special dispersant additives prevent soot, wear metals and the by-products of combustion settling out in the sump and other areas of the engine, where they can form a thick sludge that can block filters and oil ways.

Why use a CASTROL fuel LRP additive? Unleaded fuel can cause valve seat recession, fuel tank and transmission erosion in classic leaded engines, it is vital to use fuel additive to help prevent damage. Unleaded fuel outlets are becoming rare and LRP fuel will soon no longer be available.

Castrol Valvemaster is a lead replacement fuel additive for use with lead-free fuel that protects the engine against valve seat recession and keeps the fuel system clean while preventing corrosion. For even greater performance, Castrol Valvemaster Plus provides an octane boost to unleaded fuel, reducing pinking, knocking or the need to retune.

There are 12 new Castrol Classic products available from SA Importers or through their local retailers and AutObarn dealers

  1. CLASSIC XL20w/50 A conventional 20w/50 multi-grade engine oil.
  2. TQF - A Specific Non-Friction Modified SAE 20 transmission fluid for automatic gearboxes
  3. CLASSIC XL30 - A high quality SAE 30 mono-grade engine oil which is also used in most types of manually operated gearboxes.
  4. CLASSIC XXL40 - A high quality SAE 40 mono-grade engine oil recommended for single and multi-cylinder engines.
  5. EP90 - Extreme pressure multi-purpose gear oil for hypoid and non-hypoid applications where specified by the manufacturer
  6. CASTROL VALVEMASTER - Lead replacement fuel additive for use with lead-free fuel.
  7. CASTROL VALVEMASTER PLUS - Castrol Valvemaster Plus additionally provides an octane boost to unleaded fuel, reducing pinking, knocking or the need to retune.
  8. HSMO Mineral Fluid Jaguar Part no 27LM9886 for Hydraulic Power systems on cars where the reservoir caps or receivers are designed to fit the nozzle on this dispenser and are colour coded green.
  9. Castrol Axle Z Limited slip 90 limited slip differential oil
  10. Castrol B373 SAE90 limited slip oil for competition use.
  11. SRF Racing Brake Fluid
  12. 4 Life Advanced Engine Coolant 10 years of protection classic and performance cars


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