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PPG releases ‘Paint is more than just colour’ video

PPG releases ‘Paint is more than just colour’ video

Video showcases benefits of company’s industrial coatings solutions

PPG (NYSE: PPG), today announced the launch of a video highlighting the company’s contributions to the coatings industry. The video offers a complete overview of PPG’s technologically advance coatings and the advantages they offer to industrial manufacturers.

Titled “Paint is more than just colour,” the video reveals how each of PPG’s paint and coatings innovations offers the industry more than a splash of colour.

“The video introduces what PPG does to help manufacturers expand their business,” said Emmanuelle Guérin, PPG commercial director, general industry. “From pretreatment products to liquid and powder topcoats to electrocoats, PPG innovations are designed to enable easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly solutions.”

Products highlighted in the video include PPG SPECTRACRON® wet-on-wet primers, and high solids topcoat systems which allow big parts manufacturers to improve their production processes by decreasing energy usage and shortening cycle times. Also highlighted are PPG RAYCRON® ultraviolet- (UV) and electron-beam cured coatings, which give flooring, furniture panels and cladding extra resistance to damage while offering a drying time of seconds.

“We are partnering with our customers to ensure our products best address their evolving challenges and prepare for the future,” Guérin said. “Understanding and integrating market needs is the foundation of PPG development, and this video showcases how our offerings enhance the quality and performance of products for our customers, as well as add a splash of colour.”

For more information about PPG’s industrial coatings solutions, visit booth 3548 in Hall 3 at PaintExpo 2018 in Karlsruhe, Germany, or schedule a meeting with a PPG coatings expert during the event at http://ppg-paintexpo2018.com.


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