Covid-19 lockdown: discussions on the resumption of TERS benefits hits a wall

Covid-19 lockdown: discussions on the resumption of TERS benefits hits a wall

In a previous communique, we indicated that discussions were underway between the social partners at NEDLAC, with respect to the resumption of TERS benefits for employees who are still being affected by the lockdown regulations.

At the time, it seemed that an agreement to this effect was imminent. However, it has now transpired that, even though labour and business are ad idem on the issue, the Department of Employment and Labour has backtracked and indicated that it will not be in a position to reinstate the TERS benefit in any form.

This setback will contribute to the continued destruction of sectors still severely affected by the regulations and the pandemic, such as Hospitality and Tourism.

The only relief available to employees who still cannot return to work or can only work partially, seems to be the short-time benefit claimable under normal UIF benefits.

The short-time benefit also includes layoffs and payment of these benefits are subject to the employee having sufficient credits.

Employers who still cannot employ their employees full time should encourage their employees to claim this benefit from the UIF.

We have provided two UIF Easy Guides which will assist with this process. Click here to access the guide for employers and here for the guide on electronic claims.

We will keep members abreast of developments.

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