How to reach the youth without activations

How to reach the youth without activations

With COVID-19 having such a huge impact on society, social distancing has become something that we all have to practice. Marketing companies are now having to find other ways to reach the youth, other than going into schools to activate. SchoolMedia, the biggest youth marketing agency in South Africa is finding new ways to market.  With 9 400 schools on its database, SchoolMedia has rolled out billboards which help market and represent brands in schools.

“As a company that is active in the youth market, most of our business is centred around activations. Of course, this is impossible now. Creating awareness is not only about physical interaction, there are many ways in which you can reach your target market,” says Khethi Ngwenya, entrepreneur and CEO of SchoolMedia.

The billboards are static and are placed in hallways and on the exterior walls of schools where students pass by. Billboard advertising is effective for communicating a product, campaign or building brand awareness to as many people as possible. Compared to other forms of marketing, billboards tend to have the highest number of views and impressions.

“Building brand awareness among your target market can help you stay top of mind. Brand awareness is important as it helps audiences recall, understand and become familiar with your branding and offerings. Adidas South Africa has in the past branded soccer balls and soccer goals which they donated to schools. This allowed the brand to enact with the youth whenever they played with the balls,” concludes Khethi.

If you would like more information on SchoolMedia products and services, visit: http://www.schoolmedia.co.za or call them on (010) 599 0301.