Ostracising the Unvaccinated: An Open Letter to the State President by Gerhard Papenfus, CE of NEASA

Ostracising the Unvaccinated: An Open Letter to the State President by Gerhard Papenfus, CE of NEASA


30 November 2021

Mr. MC Ramaphosa
The State President
Republic of South Africa

Dear Mr President


Following your address to the nation on Sunday night, 28 November 2021, NEDLAC is set to discuss Business for South Africa’s (B4SA) proposal to introduce mandatory vaccination, and limiting the freedom of those who choose not to tow the line.

Mr President, we want you to know that B4SA does not truly represent business in South Africa. This institution is a self-appointed entity which represents a very small, albeit very powerful, conglomerate of businesses, some of which are blatantly promoting the globalist, anti-SMME/anti-entrepreneurial, freedom-eroding agenda.

Your address to the nation on Sunday, to a large extent, followed the line of B4SA’s press release the previous day, calling for the economic marginalisation of those who choose, for whatever reason, not to be ‘vaccinated’. The intention of these proposed measures is clearly to coerce those who elected to give effect to their own opinion or their conscience on this matter, to follow the current popular narrative.

It is clear that you are succumbing to the pressure exerted upon you by those behind this agenda, an agenda fuelled by fear and information manipulation, driven by greed, and aimed at satisfying a hunger for power and control.

The suggestion made by B4SA, clearly illustrates to what extent this organisation is detached from reality: 

  • do they really want to exclude 70%, currently the unvaccinated population of South Africa, from the mainstream economy?
  • have they even remotely considered the effect on workers and businesses if taxis and busses are no longer allowed to transport workers to their places of work?;
  • do they have any idea of the resilience of the populace, their opposition to being pushed around and bullied?;
  • have they considered the impact of a potential defiance campaign, where people being denied their freedom or their right to earn a living, are forced to defy unreasonable legislative or regulatory demands?; 
  • have they considered what the effect will be of an economic ‘civil war’, where those excluded from the mainstream economy, establish an alternative economy, and then, in retaliation, exclude those who excluded them from the mainstream economy?; and
  • have they applied their collective minds to all the potential unintended consequences of an unprecedented action of this nature?

None of the above can be in the interest of South Africa. Where the lockdown of the economy was, and still is, a massive mistake, the impact will pale in comparison to the negative effects of what is being suggested by B4SA. It will forever damage the fabric of the South African society. However, this may be the exact outcome desired by the globalist agenda – the ‘new normal’, the ‘great reset’ – or even, according to your stated remarks at the inception of the first lockdown, that this turmoil is an opportunity to promote the ANC’s ‘transformation’ agenda.

Mr President, an essential trait of a leader is the ability to distinguish between good and bad advice. We therefore urge you to view the recommendations by NEDLAC with circumspection.


G.C. Papenfus



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