Compensation Fund: struggling to obtain your letter of good standing (LOGS)?

In the past, employers had to submit their Return-of-Earnings (ROEs), and thereafter manually apply to the Compensation Fund in order to obtain their LOGS.

This system was inefficient, fraught with errors, and the turn-around times were unsatisfactory, leading to loss of contracts, refusal of access to operating sites and extensive financial losses for employers. Consequently, the Compensation Fund amended this process.

Now, upon the submission of an employer's ROE's, the employers will receive their assessment, which they must pay within 30 days. Upon the processing of the payment by the Fund, the confirmation will be uploaded onto the Fund's system and the employers' LOGS will be made available online for download by the employer within 2 to 3 days.

A lot of employers are not aware of this change in the system and are thus still 'awaiting LOGS' from the fund.

If you are an employer that is still struggling to obtain your LOGS after submission of your ROE's and payment of your assessment, or if an error is causing an incorrect assessment, please complete the following form, so that NEASA can submit your issues to the fund and drive the resolution thereof.