Women as Manufacturing Leaders short course in Gauteng

Developing leadership capacity and alignment

Manufacturing battles to attract and retain women in leadership positions. With advanced technology changing the future skill set required in the industry, manufacturers need to tap the largest talent pool possible. Research has shown that women in leadership positions can provide greater diversity of perspectives, innovation and a more balanced approach to management. Yet women leaders still experience significant challenges and contradictions in influencing their male-dominated organisations. Simply increasing the number of women leaders in organisations is no guarantee for the empowerment of other women or the transformation of organisations.

This course explores the specific gender challenges experienced in the manufacturing context, both from a leadership and bluecollar worker perspective. It explores how to develop your authentic and distinctive leadership qualities to impact the culture of your organisation. It also highlights issues affecting women in blue-collar positions to promote action towards greater inclusivity of women at all levels of manufacturing. The aim of the programme is to equip women leaders as change agents within their organisations by championing these issues with knowledge, self-awareness and personal effectiveness.

This course will highlight:

  • Exposure to the latest thinking on women in leadership and manufacturing, inclusion and transformation
  • Facilitation of group dialogue and personal reflection sessions
  • Case study and/or guest speaker
  • Development of a board proposal for a change toa gender-related policy or practice in your organisation

This course is facilitated by Dr Lisa Kinnear, Director of Academics at TWIMS and a partner at Leadership Insight, an organisational development (OD) consultancy specialising in leadership coaching, team development and organisational change. She attained her PhD through the UKZN School of Management in 2014 and has a Masters of Manage[1]ment (HR) from Wits Business School (cum laude). Her doctoral research focused on emerging models of power amongst South African women business leaders.

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