Toyota South Africa Motors accelerates sports sponsorship with Toyota CRYO RDT and launches Toyota Elite ecycling team

Toyota South Africa Motors proudly announces a major expansion of its sports sponsorship portfolio with the official sponsorship of the Toyota CRYO RDT team for the upcoming season.

In an exciting development, Toyota SA is also thrilled to introduce the Toyota Elite ECycling team, operating as the Premier Esports Cycling team under the CRYO RDT banner.

The CRYO RDT team, a force to be reckoned within virtual cycling, is set to elevate its presence with the support of Toyota SA. The partnership signifies a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and the development of talent in both traditional sports and the cutting-edge world of esports.

In addition to supporting the existing Toyota CRYO RDT setup, Toyota SA is proud to be associated with the Toyota Elite ECycling team. This elite esports cycling team will participate at the highest level of esports, showcasing Toyota's commitment to innovation in the rapidly evolving world of competitive gaming.

Both the Toyota Elite ECycling and Toyota CRYO RDT teams are gearing up for an exciting season as they compete in the upcoming Zwift tournaments, including:

Zwift ZRL (Zwift Racing League):

Round 1: 17 & 24 Oct

Round 2: 14, 21 & 28 Nov + 5 & 12, 18 Dec

Round 3: 16, 23, 30 Jan + 6, 13, 20 Feb

Finals: TBC March / April

Zwift Grand Prix:

Round 1: 19 Oct (M&W)

Round 2: 26 Oct (M&W)

Round 3: 9 Nov (M) & 16 Nov (W)

Round 4: 23 Nov (M) & 30 Nov (W)

Round 5: 7 Dec (M) & 14 Dec (W)

Round 6: 11 Jan (M&W)

Round 7: 18 Jan (M&W)

Commenting on the teams' participation in the Zwift tournaments, Alan Glendinning, Director of the CRYO RDT team, stated, "The addition of Toyota Elite ECycling is an exciting dimension for us. We're ready to take on the challenge and showcase our skills on the virtual racing platform. Thanks to Toyota SA's support, we are confident in our ability to make a mark in both traditional sports and esports."

Glenn Crompton, Vice President of Marketing at Toyota SA, expressed enthusiasm about the expanded sponsorship, stating, "We are proud to support not just one, but two exceptional teams in the upcoming season. The collaboration with CRYO RDT and the launch of the Toyota Elite ECycling team represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries in both traditional sports and esports. We believe this multi-faceted approach will resonate with a diverse audience and showcase the dynamic nature of Toyota's brand."

In a strategic move, the existing Toyota CRYO RDT setup will see its scope widened, allowing for increased team numbers. This expansion enhances opportunities for rider development and ensures the retention of legacy riders who have been an integral part of the team's success.

Fans can follow the Toyota Elite ECycling and Toyota CRYO RDT teams' journey in the upcoming Zwift tournaments, witnessing the fusion of athleticism and cutting-edge technology.