Introduction of the Fiat Strada in Sub-Saharan Africa: A fresh perspective on compact pick-ups

The Fiat Strada, an indisputable leader in vehicle sales in Brazil in 2023, is venturing into Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing higher standards in technology, design, and safety to the compact pick-up market.

The Fiat Strada serves as a genuine driving force in the evolution of the automotive industry. With over 85,000 units sold in Brazil by the end of September 2023 and a remarkable achievement of 400.000 units since its second-generation launch in 2020, the Fiat Strada is all set to conquer the Sub-Saharan African market, commencing in November 2023.

Developed and manufactured at the Stellantis plant in Betim, Minas Gerais, Brazil, this compact pick-up is the culmination of 25 years of expertise, resulting in approximately 2.1 million units produced. Its transformation in 2020 was nothing short of radical, making it sturdier and introducing new features. Honored as the Pick-up of the Year in 2020 by Autoesporte, the Strada also secured around 20 additional awards during that year.

This vehicle, influenced by the award-winning Fiat Toro in its design, stands out with remarkable audacity and modernity. Its iconic LED headlights, emitting 20% brighter light than its competitors, in combination with its robust and distinguished appearance, establish it as a masterpiece of Italian innovation and elegance. However, its appeal doesn't stop there. Its cargo capacity is unparalleled, capable of accommodating between 650 kg and 720 kg, depending on the version, and offering up to 1,354 liters in the single-cabin model, making it exceptionally suited to a variety of professional and personal needs.

Nevertheless, the Strada is more than just a visual delight; it's a technological marvel as well. Equipped with advanced technologies such as stability control, hill start assist, and TC+, it ensures optimal traction, even on the most challenging terrains. Each journey guarantees to be an experience, whether it's a professional commute in the city or an off-road adventure.

The Strada's interior provides a cocoon of comfort. Abundant storage compartments, paired with cutting-edge air conditioning, ensure that every trip is as enjoyable as the previous one. And, because safety is paramount, the Strada is equipped comprehensively: boasting four airbags, pretensioner seatbelts, and the Isofix system for young passengers. Even in the unfortunate event of an accident, it has been designed to minimize risks to pedestrians.

What truly sets the Strada apart is its versatility. It seamlessly functions as both a reliable workhorse and an elegant travel companion, representing a perfect fusion of modernity, comfort, technology, and safety.

According to Mr. Samir Cherfan, Chief Operating Officer Stellantis Middle East & Africa: "The introduction of the Fiat Strada in Sub-Saharan Africa marks a significant milestone for Stellantis. The FIAT STRADA is a flexible partner for individuals who welcome change and push their limits because it combines the practicality of a family vehicle with the dependability required in a business environment. With this new vehicle, we expand our range of mobility solutions into the emerging entry-level pick-up segment, catering to the needs of our Sub-Saharan African customers. This reaffirms our commitment to strengthening our leadership in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) market within the region."

In conclusion, the new Fiat Strada is much more than just an automobile. It embodies a promise - a promise of excellence, innovation, and reliability, all offered at a price that outperforms competitors in the Sub-Saharan market.