Take A Reality Check With VBOX Dataloggers

Take A Reality Check With VBOX Dataloggers

Racelogic, the manufacturer of the acclaimed VBOX range of satellite-linked (GNSS) dataloggers, has introduced two new products – and they couldn’t be more different.

On the one hand their VBOX Touch can now supply real-time “live” tyre temperature to serious racers and vehicle test engineers, enabling them to get an even better understanding of suspension geometry and brake performance. The Tyre Temperature Monitoring app displays the surface temperature of up to four tyres in real-time on the Touch’s responsive colour display with live and maximum temperature values. It is used in conjunction with the VBOX Tyre Temperature Monitoring Sensors, which “see” the surface of each tyre.

At the other extreme, Racelogic’s engineers have made it possible for racers and (serious) gamers alike to have an even more realistic experience when using a simulator.

Simulators have become commonplace as an essential tool for racers and are used to learn new tracks, keep reactions sharp, and maintain muscle memory. Latest generation simulators, such as those used by Capetonian Jonathan Aberdein in his debut year in the DTM (in which he finished a commendable 10th overall), are so close to the real race car experience that set-up changes on the simulator replicated on his actual Audi racer  – and vice-versa – have the identical effect.

For a number of years, race drivers have taken advantage of the Predictive lap timing feature in devices like the VBOX Lap Timer, enabling a driver to see almost instantly whether there has been a time gain/loss and a speed increase/decrease compared to the same point on a benchmark lap. And now, with the introduction of the VBOX Sim Pack this technology is transferred to gaming/simulations and will help drivers and sim racers improve virtual lap times - exactly as you would in the real world.

The VBOX Sim Pack software extracts information from all well-known racing simulator games and then converts it to VBOX data. The software simultaneously creates a VBO data file and video file via the supplied video capture card. This synchronised video and data can then be analysed in Circuit Tools allowing a driver to quickly identify where time is being lost or gained.

Existing Lap Timer users can retrospectively upgrade to the VBOX Sim Pack by addition of the requisite cables and downloads.  VBOX Sim Pack supports the following:

  • rFactor & rFactor2
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • F1 2017, 2018, 2019
  • iRacing
  • Project Cars
  • Project Cars 2

The VBOX Touch, VBOX Lap Timer and VBOX Sim Pack are available exclusively from VBOX Africa, sole distributor of Racelogic VBOX products on the continent.

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