Renault, Publicis, OMD launch new era of collaboration: in a word, Voilà.

Renault, Publicis, OMD launch new era of collaboration: in a word, Voilà.

Groupe Renault and its long-standing partners, Publicis and OMD, are launching a unique project bringing together the marketing teams of the three groups in a single platform to collaboratively develop brand campaigns for Renault and Dacia.

Voilà: A common platform, an agile collaboration model

As a first step, this platform will bring together 200 talents and more than 20 businesses to design and produce all European and global marketing campaigns for Renault and Dacia. Organized in cross-functional project teams bringing together marketing experts from Renault, Publicis and the MDGs - rather than silos of content, media and advertiser expertise - they will have the mission to develop communication plans for brand and product mirroring the customer journeys from the unveiling of the model to its launch on the market.

This new agile collaboration model responds to the evolution of Groupe Renault's global marketing strategy to drive a transformation from mass marketing to individualized marketing. This embodies the ambition to reshape the entire Groupe Renault marketing chain around the world, putting the customer at the center of the debate and with a constant concern for agility and efficiency, creative and media relevance.

Groupe Renault's main marketing challenges are to generate customer commitment and create strong brands. With this new collaborative platform Voilà, we will get closer to the expectations of consumers and make our brands emerge and grow with fragmented audiences, contextualize and individualize our content, and adapt them in real time to customer journeys, says Xavier Martinet, SVP, Global Marketing Director, Groupe Renault.

This rapprochement is based on agility and efficiency. By bringing together our respective teams within the same platform and pooling our processes and tools, we will work in a much more fluid and complementary way, commented Jean-Guy Saulou, Global Client Leader for the Publicis Group.

To better engage consumers in a world of overabundance of content and permanent turbulence, more than ever we need to place them at the center of our thoughts and actions, through a seamless consumer journey, that is coherent and relevant. We want a new way to work through a more fluid and interdisciplinary structure to make better, quicker decisions, says Neith Jauregui, Global Client Leader for OMD.

A unifying identity for a unique project of its kind

To encapsulate this new concept and to overcome cultural differences between agencies and advertisers, the three partners have built a common identity based on the same state of mind, which functions as a mantra and can be summed up in one word: Voilà.

 "Voilà is a funny word. It’s so French, isn’t it?

"Voilà" is as complex and as direct as we are.

We are proud, creative and passionate, sometimes grumpy, we are honest and not often in agreement. But ‘Voilà’, there you go, we are like that.

This " Voilà" is like us. (...)

Beyond a name, ‘Voilà’, here you go, a promise.

A state of mind, which will lead us to work simply, humanly and intelligently without distraction, to move forward together with what the best we have, with those that have better, to build the new era of our collaboration. "

... explains the manifest of the platform.

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