The Most Instagrammed Road Trips in the World!

The Most Instagrammed Road Trips in the World!
  • Route 66 was the most instagrammed road trip, with a total of 1,708,620 tags
  • England’s Snake Pass was the least instagrammed, with a lowly 12,343 tags
  • The total number of hashtags for the list was 4,235,996 tags
  • USA has the best road trips, with three of the top four situated in the States
  • Surprisingly Norway made it onto the list twice with Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road

Road trips are an increasingly popular way of discovering and experiencing new countries, and how good your trip looks ‘on the gram’ is very important in an age where everything has to be captured. 

This led Click4reg.co.uk to consider what is the ‘most instagrammed’ road trip in the world.

Table of Results

Road Trip Location Tags
Route 66 USA 1,708,620
Great Ocean Road Australia 1,291,178
Pacific Coast Highway USA 325,917
Valley of Fire USA 219,333
Ring Road Iceland 154,230
Ruta 40 Argentina 108,666
North Coast 500 Scotland 88,315
Trollstigen Norway 85,933
Cabot Trail Canada 76,840
Death Road Bolivia 44,587
Causeway Coastal Route Northern Ireland 35,423
Romantic Road Germany 28,369
Route 62 South Africa 28,234
Atlantic Road Norway 28,008
Snake Pass England 12,343

This research was done by collecting 15 of the best-known roads and journeys around the world and then judging which is the most instagrammed by analysing the number of hashtags for each road trip with #name and #name + road trip.

Have you been on one of these trips?

Key Findings:

USA’s famous Route 66 was found to be the most instagrammed road trip with 1,708,620 hashtags, and it was closely followed by the Great Ocean Road in Australia which had 1,292,178 hashtags.

The top two were the only road trips to have over a million tags,Whilst Pacific Coast Highway placed third in the list with325,917 tags.

Europe has been revealed as the continent with the most instagrammable road trips – it claims seven of the top 15 within the list.

England’s Snake Pass was the lowest tagged road trip with just 12,343 hashtags.