Defensive training on course despite Covid-19 - driving.co.za

Defensive training on course despite Covid-19 - driving.co.za

Defensive Driver Training programmes need not be affected by the Covid-19 virus. This is the word from driving skills company, driving.co.za.

"We are the only driving skills company which presents exact online equivalents of its trainer-facilitated courses," said driving.co.za Managing Director, Rob Handfield - Jones. "The content is identical to that taught by our trainers during contact training, but presented in an effective and simple online format."

Handfield - Jones said that the company, founded in 2008, had been offering online Defensive Driving and Anti-Hijack courses since 2013, and that many of its clients had moved away from contact training altogether and now used driving.co.za's online platform for all their driver training needs. "This means that training programmes for our online-only clients continue as normal despite the Covid-19 emergency, while clients who prefer our trainer-facilitated courses have been able to keep their training programmes on track by migrating to our online platform until the situation stabilises."

He explained that online Defensive Driver Training was accessible by any trainee with an Internet-connected device. "If a trainee has a PC, smartphone, or tablet, and knows how to use the Internet, they can be considered for online training. Our online courses have been completed by everyone from delivery drivers to company directors."

Handfield - Jones added that driving.co.za's online platform was also heavily used by insurers wishing to mitigate risk by providing affordable, standardised training countrywide. "The standardisation of our online and trainer-facilitated content has been proven in practice, with favourable trainee feedback and reduction of fleet risk. While other driver training companies are having to suspend training almost completely, we are able to continue offering the top-class training and proven results our clients have come to expect from us."

He said that for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis, driving.co.za would be offering a special package to all new and existing clients. "Where the client would have preferred trainer-facilitated training, but opts for online during this crisis, we will additionally schedule them for trainer-facilitated courses if they wish once the situation stabilises, and at no additional cost beyond what they would have paid under normal circumstances," he said. "Training managers will be able to manage and monitor all their training (online or trainer-facilitated) via our Client Portal, as normal."

"Clients will essentially be getting two courses for the price of one, and will be able to continue to meet their safety, health and environment benchmarks," he added. "Clients can contact our offices on 010 013 0283, or email their queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.," he concluded.