Toll operations designated as essential service during lockdown period

Toll operations designated as essential service during lockdown period

In accordance with communication received from SANRAL, the below services have been identified as essential services during the lockdown period.

  • Routine Road Maintenance Activities
  • Traffic Management Centre Operations
  • Toll Operations
  • Financial and Payroll Services
  • ICT Services

The Bakwena mainline plazas & ramps will be manned by skeleton staff and dedicated e-tag lanes will be open.  This is to ensure emergency personnel including medical and safety workers production and distributors of food and other essentials can reach their place of work and keep South African’s safe during this time of uncertainty.

Our route patrols and emergency response teams including emergency construction teams will be on duty to respond to all emergencies that may occur on the N1N4. Strict precautionary measures including ongoing education on COVID-19 are in place to safeguard the health of all toll staff, route patrols, emergency response teams, professionals key to managing the N1N4 route and all road users working tirelessly in the retail, medical and production sector.  

We encourage every South African to #StayAtHome during the #21daysLockdown – together we can fight the #COVID19 pandemic. #flattenthecurve