Thule Vector Added To Local Luggage Box Line-up

Thule Vector Added To Local Luggage Box Line-up

Thule’s luggage box range has a new flagship – the Thule Vector. Available in two sizes it perfectly pairs performance styling with premium features. It sits at the pinnacle of a 22-model range designed to meet the luggage needs of South African motorists – irrespective of what they drive.

Smaller cars and a crowded planet, coupled to a growing desire from many to live a holistic, and active, lifestyle makes the Thule brand just as relevant as it was when founded in 1942. Innovative solutions to exploit space and maximise transport efficiency remain the key focus.

Thanks to a combination of intelligent design and meticulous construction, are able to safely supplement the load-carrying capability of virtually any vehicle on the global market. Thule’s designers and engineers in Sweden work hand in hand with vehicle manufacturers from an early stage so that consumers have access to a product that integrates seamlessly with the latest-generation cars. The Vector’s stylish and aerodynamic design reflects this.

While luggage boxes and sport utility solutions such as bike carriers are the core of the business, Thule is also now prominent in related fields such as specialised luggage including pannier bags, camera bags, and laptop cases. It also won’t be long before Thule rooftop tents become available in the South African market.

Thule is frequently chosen as the roof box of choice in group tests of luggage boxes, their designs keeping pace with the changing automotive market and consumer needs.  Fundamentally, a roof box continues to make perfect sense for those who need to expand the carrying capacity of their current vehicle.

These include their light weight (thanks to the moulded polycarbonate construction), ease of storage (something of major importance as people migrate to cluster-style living), minimal maintenance (there are hardly any moving parts) and no licencing requirements.  Virtually all models feature dual-side opening, central locking, and the ability to be quickly and easily attached or removed.

Significantly, the streamlined shape of a Thule roofbox with its diffuser underbody is far less disruptive of a car’s aerodynamics than a trailer and therefore has an insignificant effect on fuel consumption. 

Thule’s roof boxes are manufactured in Germany and get shipped worldwide. They range in size from the svelte Touring S which provides 300 litres of luggage volume to the award-winning Motion XXL which boasts a mammoth 650-litre capacity. Colours range from glossy black to metallic silver.

The workmanship and materials of Thule boxes are guaranteed for five years, and they are designed to harmonise with modern cars both from an engineering and aesthetic point of view.

Consumers should go to http://www.thule.co.za for a list of dealers or call Thule on 086 118 4853, or shop online at www.thulestore.co.za .