Coffee with EMCSA

Coffee with EMCSA

Claycia Johnson - Manager: Electro-Mobility & On-Demand Mobility Solutions BMW Group South AfricaClaycia Johnson

Manager: Electro-Mobility & On-Demand Mobility Solutions BMW Group South Africa

Claycia Johnson has worked in the automotive industry within BMW Group SA for the past 10 years between both the MINI and BMW brands.

She is a highly driven individual motivated by the possibilities of what the future holds. Achieving the best result for all stakeholders is a high priority to her.

Claycia has been responsible for critical aspects within BMW Group SA focusing on product and pricing positioning, bringing key technologies and innovations into the South African market, as well as electro-mobility solutions.

She has been responsible for developing and executing an electro-mobility strategy to further strengthen the business. Ensuring that both industry and businesses keep up with the changes in their environment, consumers, competitors and offerings is key to remaining competitive and relevant.

Claycia is passionate about innovation, developing talent around her and connecting people to their purpose.

BMW South Africa has been selling electric vehicles in South Africa since 2014. Claycia will provide an overview of BMW Group’s vision and investment in charging infrastructure within South Africa. BMW Group South Africa has been key in lobbying with government and stimulating industry conversations around electric vehicles in the market. Claycia will talk about what the future holds, challenges and opportunities when it comes to electric mobility in South Africa.

We have taken the time to focus extensively on new innovations and battery technology. The evolution from then to now is very exciting!'' - Claycia Johnson


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