Telematics and Intelligent Mobility Conference

Telematics and Intelligent Mobility Conference

Hosted by

  • Pinkerton Advanced Trading
  • 22- 23 April 2021
  • Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa

Top reasons to attend:

  • To understand the fundamentals in eet management best practices, and lessons learned during the pandemic period
  • Learn from practical case studies from the telematics and intelligent mobility management players.
  • Hear the perspectives of urban transport mobility experts on challenges and opportunities in urban transportation management in the digital age
  • Identify practical steps to decarbonizing eets and reducing environmental footprints through alternative fuel types and electrication
  • Discuss better telematic strategies and ways to improve driver safety
  • Share successful eet management methods using software and modern technology applications
  • Collaborate on shared issues between operators on training, hiring, and maintaining eet technicians, drivers, and maintenance professionals
  • Learn from and interact with fellow peers in the industry and stakeholders in the telematics industry

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