Transporters can refuel on credit at cash fuel prices with new partnership

Transporters can refuel on credit at cash fuel prices with new partnership

Cash-flow relief is in sight for the hard-pressed road transport industry. In a first for on-road truck refuelling in South Africa, transporters now have access to a credit solution with the cost benefits of cash refuelling but the convenience and control that go with credit.

Their partnership is intended to assist trucking customers to take control of their fuel spend by combining Truckfuelnet’s all-in-one refuelling management system which you can now experience with the ultimate solution in the petroleum industry - this includes your best on-road refuelling price with the option of a credit facility at Standard Bank.

“Transporters are under enormous cost pressure from a multitude of factors, one of the largest being high and ever-increasing fuel prices. This on-road refuelling solution integrates the best of both worlds, cash and credit, so that transporters can obtain some much-needed cash-flow relief,” says Justin Thomas Head of Strategic Alliances at Standard Bank’s Fleet Management Services.

John-Stephen Ferreira, CEO of Truckfuelnet (TFN) elaborates that, in effect what we have solved for is that the TFN pre-paid solution placed a burden on transporters’ cash-flow during the month. With the Standard Bank credit solution transporters now get the same benefit at point of sale (e.g., diesel rebates) as with the pre-paid solution.

The new refuelling solution is the brainchild of Standard Bank Fleet Management and Truckfuelnet, one of the biggest independent on-road refuelling companies in Southern Africa.

John-Stephen says its network of independent and franchised retailers are located on national and provincial roads across South Africa, with cross-border suppliers in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

With this ground-breaking technology trucking companies can be sure to experience the following on-road refuelling benefits:

  • Schedule refuelling orders; SMS orders for quick refuelling; select suppliers with best zones and prices where your trucks can refuel; set the rules for refuelling; authorise refuelling from your mobile app; view refuelling transactions and account balances from your mobile app.
  • Immediate real-time transaction reporting on all transactions.
  • Detailed account and transaction reporting on all transactions per supply site, truck, and driver.
  • Comprehensive functionality to administer and manage sub-contractor refuelling, account status and credit limits.
  • Add trucks, authorise transactions and manage truck refuelling rules from the comfort of your customer dashboard.
  • 24/7 Call Centre to assist with any refuelling query or customer service.

“Standard Bank Fleet Management is constantly exploring ways to lighten the financial load of the transport industry, which has been facing a barrage of cost increases, not just for fuel but also levies and tolls, insurance, mechanical wear and tear as a result of poor road infrastructure, and more,” says Justin Thomas. “We understand the pressure trucking companies are under to manage their costs and this is the primary purpose of our partnership with TFN.”

For more details about the all-in-one refuelling partnership between Standard Bank Fleet Management and TFN, visit the solution website at https://tfn.co.za/creditfacility/



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