Ryan Hunt Alpen ASAP Racing puts his Austrian Erzberg Enduro race on hold after a serious crash while training

L/R Guillaume Hardy and Ryan Hunt

Team mate Guillaume Hardy will go ahead and compete with support from Hunt at the event

After months of preparation, training and building the Husky’s for the worlds toughest Enduro, the Austrian Erzberg Rodeo, a recent crash while training saw Ryan Hunt having to opted out of this year’s event, his team mate Guillaume Hardy, CEO and founder of the popular ASAP Racing operation will be going it alone for the Alpen ASAP Racing team, with support from Hunt at the event.

“It is very disappointing as this event has taken a lot of planning, getting the correct bikes prepared, the special training as this event is very different to what I have been riding for the last 38 years,” said Springbok and Multiple MX Champion Ryan Hunt. I will however be going over to support Guillaume at the race and to get a sniff of what this event is all about. I have been pretty lucky and basically injury free for many years, this recent crash was possibly my worst for a while as my neck, spine and lower back took the brunt of the crash, expert advice from the specialists say I should give this year a miss, so maybe I should take their advice,” said Hunt.

Guillaume Hardy is no new comer to the sport and started riding at a young age, however he took an unfortunate 2-year break after suffering a severe spinal injury during training. It would be 2 years later after suffering this injury that he would make his come back to racing, re-igniting his passion for the sport. Over the years, Guillaume has raced various events including: the WFO enduro series, Roof of Africa, Enduro World Events, and various off-road nationals, such as the Dullstroom 400.

The 2018 Erzberg Harescramble in Austria from 31 May to 3rd June this year, will be his first attempt at this tough event for Guillaume Hardy and would have also been for Ryan Hunt. The event will include the prologue and main race. The Erzberg is a very prestigious event, where 1500 rider spots are up for grabs, however only the top 500 qualifiers make it to the main race.

It is known as one of the hardest races in the “hard enduro” circles as of the 500 riders that qualify often only 5 riders normally make it to the finish line – a true testament to the toughest “hard” enduro event in the world.

It was a very late entry for Ryan Hunt and Guillaume as they had to wait to hear whether they would be able to get bikes from the Husqvarna factory in Austria. It may have been a late entry, but both have been training hard and putting in the hours to prepare for the race.

It is an event not to be missed on the calendar and an event all off-road and enduro riders would love to ride and complete in, but many don’t make it to the finish.

“There no honour lost if one does not finish this hellish event, just to be one of the 1500 is a tough challenge, to qualify in the 500 is a massive achievement as there are the best riders from all over the world competing in this event many of them youngsters,” said Guillaume Hardy

“It’s an event that has been on both Ryan and my bucket list for years, I get my chance this year, sadly it looks like Ryan may not ride with his injury but at least he will be there for support,” said Hardy.

The selected race bike will be the 2019 Husqvarna TE 300i, which has just been launched by Husqvarna it will be kitted out with the very best protection from Hyde Guards and Gorilla factory parts. The Alpen Drill Bit team will also have additional help from Bell Helmets and Thor Motocross Gear.

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