Gabriel Shock Absorbers announces Super Saloon sponsorship

Richard Berner(left) and Greame Futter, Gabriel marketing executive next to the Tigra Space Frame 13B Rotary Turbo Saloon Sponsored by Gabriel Shock Absorbers

Gabriel shock absorbers has announced sponsorship of Richard Berner, driver of the Tigra Space Frame 13B Rotary Turbo vehicle who will participate in the 2019 Inland Championship, Clubmans Super Saloon competition.

The 450 horse power saloon car with 6-speed manual gearbox will be racing this weekend 23 March at Midvaal, Meyerton as part of an eight race series. Other venues will include Zwartkops, Redstar and Phakisa.

Graeme Futter, marketing executive at Gabriel, said the sponsorship is part of Gabriel’s 2019 strategy to be involved in motor racing to market the locally manufactured brand that has been in SA for over 80 years.

“Gabriel was originally imported into SA in 1935.  During that time, the company has introduced a number of world-first designs that were subsequently manufactured in plants worldwide.  It was also the first shock absorber company to advertise on TV and is still the largest manufacturer of shock absorbers in Southern Africa,” he said.

“Shock absorbers are not just for comfort, their primary purpose is to keep the vehicles wheels in contact with the road. Shocks also affect the steering, road handling and braking of the vehicle, which is why they are a vital aspect of safety. ”

“Gabriel’s  years of research and testing have resulted in  the company designing and manufacturing  a shock absorber that is firm enough to prevent the wheels from leaving the road surface, but supple enough in their damping to ensure that the vehicle is not directly subjected to the forces  of  South Africa’s  hazardous  road conditions.”

Berner added: “Shock absorbers also control the bouncing movement of the wheels by controlling the rate at which the suspension springs compress and extend. In so doing, shocks  help maintain traction and control of the body, as well as the pitch and roll of the  vehicle  during cornering, braking and acceleration. With more accurate control and steering, Gabriel shock absorbers enhance safety through good road holding on the track and for the family.”

“We are looking forward to a challenging but exciting season and we are grateful to Gabriel for their support,” he said.

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