Very special cars on Veteran Tour

Very special cars on Veteran Tour

The 23rd George Old Car Show, driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company, takes place on 9 and 10 February 2019.

Everything is in place for the 18th Veteran Tour which takes place on Friday 8 February.

“This year’s Veteran Tour will start at Klaarstroom, just like the very first tour in 2007,” said Philip Kuschke, organiser of the Veteran Tour.  This year’s Veteran Tour is sponsored by Airo Classics, a new recreation venue close to the George Airport, which will open its doors early this year. 

According to Kuschke, 20 vehicles have been entered from across the country. “It is extremely difficult to name the most special vehicles, but the following six cars are indeed most exquisite.”

These include three very rare single-cylinder cars: The Crankhandle Club’s 1901 Benz (driven by Harvey Metcalf), Ali van Jaarsveld’s 1902 Peugeot and Tom van der Vyver’s 1904 De Dion Bouton. Nic Middelmann’s 1907 Nordenfeld is the only one of its kind worldwide, and Nic’s brother Richard’s 1911 EMF is equally rare. Peter Posniak will be travelling in Ali van Jaarsveld’s 1910 Buick.

The group of 55 participants in the Veteran Tour will be staying in Jeremy Witts-Hewitson’s Klaarstroom Guest House and in the new Klaarstroom Hotel and other furnished homes in the quaint village.  They will leave Klaarstroom early on Friday morning for the 150 km journey to George.

Kuschke is very excited about Airo Classics’ five-year sponsorship.  The owner, Jacques Wheeler, is also a classic car fan and a number of special vehicles are exhibited at the company’s Airo Café close to the George Airport. Besides the excellent food and coffee, Airoclassics will also offer craft beer, gin tastings and wine on tap.

The participants in the Veteran Tour will enjoy lunch at Airo Classics after returning from Klaarstroom.  After lunch, George Traffic Department officials will lead the convoy of veteran cars to PW Botha College in York Street, where they will form part of the special focus exhibition of rare and exotic vehicles.

Book in advance

Tickets for the George Old Car Show are available online at Quicket  under Events on the SCOCC website www.scocc.co.za

Entry fees

Saturday: Adults R60/person, Pensioners R45/person, Scholars R30/person

Sunday: Adults R25/person, Pensioners R20/person, Scholars R15/person

Weekend: Adults R70/person, Pensioners R50/person, Scholars R35/person

Pre-school children: free


Gates will open on Saturday 9 February from 07:00- 18:00 and Sunday 10 February from 08:00 to 13:00.

Register in advance

Only vehicles manufactured before 1975 and which have been registered in advance, may be exhibited at the show. Registration has already opened and must be done before 30 January on the website at www.scocc.co.za. Contact Klaus Oellrich at 076 764 0897 for more information on registration or any other general information on the show.

Stallholders may download an application form from the website or contact Mike van der Steen at 083 280 3653 for more information.

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