3M South Africa Launches Abrasive Solutions on the Move Mobile Van

3M South Africa Launches Abrasive Solutions on the Move Mobile Van

The Industrial Business Group’s Abrasive Systems Division of Global manufacturing giant 3M on Friday unveiled its innovative Demo Van.

The demo van was created to enhance 3M’s penetration, especially in the automotive industry with abrasive solutions. The campaign aims to transfer knowledge and skills through practical workshops and bring customer experience to the next level by offering abrasive solutions at their door step.

Speaking at the launch, 3M South Africa MD Steve Hemmings said, “We’re excited about the number of customer interactions this van going to enable. It’s only when you get 3M products in the hands of customers that you start seeing the value of our products”.

Fitted with a full range of 3M’s Industrial “Go to Products”, the mobile workshop is equipped for on-site consultations and demonstrations that will give customers in the automotive industry a glimpse of 3M’s customised solutions through roadshows over the next few months.

Applying 3M Science to Life, the company promises increased productivity and worker safety in the automotive industry.

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