EV Future would like to welcome you....

EV Future would like to welcome you....

It is with great excitement that we announce,

EV Hillclimb, 36 Hour Endurance Challenge, E-Conomy Challenge & E-Mobility Indaba.

By way of introduction Jukwaa Events is the company behind the successful 2018 edition of the Sasol Solar Challenge.

Following this event, we have identified a need for a series of events within the sector to help speed up the adoption and growth of E-mobility in line with the newly launched Green Transport strategy recently launched by government.

As a local events and activations company with numerous successful events in various fields we feel strongly that this push must come from within South Africa, to achieve a uniquely South African outcome which works for our unique challenges within South Africa.

When: October 2019
Where: A scenic pass in the heart of South Africa.
Details to follow soon…
What: The first electric only Hillclimb event.
Who: OEM’s, Privateers and Industry Companies
Why: An opportunity to showcase the performance of EV’s and great excitement about what they are capable of.

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When: April 2019 
Where: Gauteng
What: A track-based endurance challenge for Solar and Electric Vehicles.
Who: Solar Cars Teams, Electric Vehicle Teams and OEM’s.
Why: An opportunity for solar and electric teams to test in a controlled environment and for OEM’s to gather data over a sustained period.

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E-Conomy Challenge 

When: June 2019
Where: Commencing in PE and following the coastal route to Cape Town. Teams will arrive at the E-Mobility Indaba on the opening morning.
What: A Regulation rally featuring electric only vehicles, travelling along the most scenic route in SA. With daily challenges between stops.
Who: Electric Vehicle Owners and OEM’s
Why: A public platform to demonstrate the versatility and everyday usability of the modern EV.

E-Mobility Indaba 

When: June 2019
Where: Cape Town
What: An industry led event, featuring round table discussions, workshops and proactive engagement on the uptake and rollout of E-Mobility.
Who: Industry Leaders, Stakeholders, Government Representatives, NGO’s and interested individuals
Why: An industry led discussion event which will occur on an annual basis to keep the industry moving forward towards agreed targets and goals.

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