Beach Buggies – South Africans are still crazy for them after all these years

Beach Buggies – South Africans are still crazy for them after all these years

The Beach Buggy was an iconic symbol of motoring freedom in the sixties and seventies.

Known in some places as the Dune Buggy, the roofless originals got their name from being built on the chassis of VW Beetles which were known affectionately as Bugs.

Such has been their resilience in the marketplace that VW are currently testing the market for an e-Buggy - an electric powered vehicle with large wheels, off road tyres, open side sills and a large, targa-style rollbar.

Gumtree Auto’s Jeff Osborne says the local trade in Buggies remains very healthy with more than 100 posts connected to beach buggies on the site at the moment.

“Predictably most buggies are up for sale on the coast with surfing hot spots like Jeffreys Bay featuring prominently. But they’re also available in Kimberley, the West Rand and other inland spots for dirt or sand riding and for cruising around town. There’s an extraordinary range both in price – from around R17k to R95k – and in features, with one boasting a 1966 Porsche motor and another claiming a Ferrari-style rear end.”

Osborne’s Top Five Gumtree Beach Buggies at the moment are:

1.1989 buggy for R55k in Port Elizabeth

2.A Nissan-based buggy for R50k in Durban

3.VW dirt-trail classic for R35k in Kuils River

4.Zooty Bumblebee Buggy for R95k on the West Rand

5.The right buy for WP supporters only for R45k in George.

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