Vehicle Security Upgrades Available

Vehicle Security Upgrades Available

Ford takes vehicle security very seriously and continuously invests in security measures that are integrated into our vehicles to deter theft.

We are aware of potential security risks to previous-generation ECOSPORT and FIESTA models, specifically around manipulating the driver’s door, which can ultimately provide access to the cabin if deliberately targeted. 

In many of the reported instances the alarm (if fitted) does not sound when access is gained via the key lock barrel.

Ford has been testing a security upgrade to give you greater peace of mind and we are now in a position to offer it to you at a nominal cost of R155.25 (including VAT)

The upgrade will ensure that when the vehicle is opened with a key or an object the system perceives to be a key (for example a screwdriver), the following will occur:

  • the alarm (if fitted) stays active if the driver’s door is opened
  • when the driver’s door is unlocked, the other doors, including the boot, remain locked.

Remember, even if your vehicle does not have an alarm, this upgrade makes it more secure by disabling automatic door unlocking.

After the upgrade, if the driver door is opened with a key or a screwdriver, the alarm will immediately sound and all doors, except the driver door, will remain locked.

If your Ford model does not feature a standard alarm, we are working with a supplier to offer an alarm system that can be retrofitted as an accessory. We are also investigating a security replacement lock accessory. Your Dealer will update you as soon as these accessories are available.

Should you wish to proceed with the security upgrade, please book an appointment at your Ford Dealer.

Contact your nearest Ford Dealer to book an appointment. The upgrades should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. It is imperative that you book an appointment.

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