MFC to partner with Gumtree on Pre-Owned Car Awards

MFC to partner with Gumtree on Pre-Owned Car Awards

MFC, a division of Nedbank, will partner with Gumtree South Africa to find the best pre-owned cars on the market for the third annual 2019 Pre-Owned Car Awards. This year's event will be bigger and better than ever, with 12 categories and 60 finalists gracing the stage.

The Gumtree Pre-Owned Car Awards supported by MFC focuses on finding the best value-for-money cars that are two years and older. The finalists are selected through thorough analysis with data partner TransUnion to determine which best-selling cars have the overall lowest value depreciation. They are then stringently reviewed and judged by a panel of motoring experts to determine the winner.

Douw Leadley, Head of Sales, says that the partnership is a natural fit for MFC. "Like Gumtree, we are passionate about finding customers the best possible deal. We support the pre-owned market with seamless peer-to-peer finance solutions – exactly the deals that Gumtree has enabled for more than a decade."

According to Gumtree Director-GM, Claire Cobbledick, the Pre-Owned Awards have gone from strength to strength. "There is no shortage of car awards in South Africa – but often times they focus on the latest, steeply priced models. Statistics shows that pre-owned cars are outselling new at a ratio of 2:1. We want to focus on the cars that people are actively buying and to help them make smart decisions when selecting their new (pre-owned) vehicle."

Data analysis is currently under way and the finalists expected to be announced shortly. Winners will be announced in October 2019.

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