SACCS announce Eurol as new partner for 2021

SACCS announce Eurol as new partner for 2021

The South African Cross Country Series (SACCS) is delighted to announce a new partnership for the 2021 season. Eurol the biggest independent Dutch producer of lubricants and technical fluids for over 40 years, have decided to partner with South Africa’s premiere cross country racing championship, with immediate effect.

“We are delighted to announce our agreement with Dutch Lubricant giant, Eurol,” said Archie Rutherford, SACCS CEO. “Their imminent entry to the South African market, as well as their support of our championship, serves as testimony to the quality of our local series. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with the brand, and assisting them with the establishment of their brand in the South African market.”

“The partnership with South Africa’s premiere cross country racing championship perfectly fits our ambition to become a premium brand in South Africa. This is just the start of many activities that we are planning to undertake in order to create a significant footprint in the South African lubricant market,” said Dennis Marsman, Marketing Manager of Eurol Lubricants.

“We would like to take this opportunity to also announce our partnership with the respected SAC Commercial Parts company. SAC Commercial Parts will be the official distributor for Eurol Lubricants in Southern Africa.”, said Pieter Kuiper, Business Development Manager of Eurol Lubricants.

“We as SAC Commercial Parts are proud to announce our partnership with Eurol Lubricants. SAC Commercial Parts will be the official distributor for Eurol Lubricants in Southern Africa. The partnership was ignited at the Dakar rally when we realised Eurol’s passion for quality products. Their slogan “quality is in our nature” is 100% in line with how we feel about the products we distribute. We are excited to be a sponsor of the SACCS and to start building the Eurol brand name in South Africa.” said Hein Lategan, Managing Director of SAC Commercial Parts.

Eurol has expanded on their business by focusing on the quality of their products, which are now available in over 80 countries. The Dutch company sports a full-service approach, and provide a complete portfolio of lubricants including specialty lubricants, additives, cleaning and maintenance products, as well as technical fluids.

The company offers products for a wide range of segments, including the automotive, transport, bicycle and motorcycle markets, agriculture, earth-moving equipment, industry and maritime transport. Eurol’s products have been approved by leading motor vehicle manufacturers.

The use of Eurol products in professional motorsport including the Dakar Rally, is the ultimate proof of premium quality. The cooperation with leading racing teams, including TOYOTA GAZOO Racing South Africa, led to the introduction of the Eurol Specialty Racing line in early 2021. This innovative racing line guarantees boundary-pushing wear-protection and performance-improvement properties. All Eurol products are produced with the 'Quality is in our nature' promise as a starting point. Eurol employees are passionate about giving vehicles and machines the perfect lubrication under all circumstances.

This ethos fits perfectly with the variety of terrain types and weather conditions experienced in a typical SACCS season, and the championship is confident that the new partnership will not only help to establish Eurol as a serious player in the South African lubricants market, but also help to prove that Eurol’s products are suited to all conditions, including the rigours of cross country racing.

“The 2021 SACCS season is shaping up to be one of the best on record,” concluded Rutherford. “And our partnership with Eurol cements our championship as one of the foremost racing formulas in the country.”