2023 Sasol Solar Challenge | Are you in?

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We are thrilled about the new and exhilarating route for the upcoming Sasol Solar Challenge! This year, we have designed a course that will take participants on an awe-inspiring journey through the diverse landscapes and breathtaking scenery of this beautiful country. Starting from Secunda and travelling through the northern part of the country, solar car teams will finish in the stunning coastal city of Cape Town, with its picturesque coastline and iconic Table Mountain as a backdrop. This new and exciting route promises to provide an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators, showcasing the power and potential of solar energy in a remarkable way. Updates coming soon!


Why register, you may ask?

Because flying solo is so last century, and besides, who doesn't want squads of sidekicks armed with knowledge, creativity, innovation, and a bizarre obsession with solar cars all competing for the trophy under the African sun?

Registrations are OPEN, click the link and register today or visit our website for more. 

Team Registration



It's no coincidence that the Sasol Solar Challenge regulations are aligned with those of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Your solar car team is able to participate in more than one event without having to make major changes and adjustments. Minor changes in the Sporting Regulations are made to abide by South African law, other than that your team is good to go! 

Fear not, the Sasol Solar Challenge Regulations will be published in the next coming weeks. Keep an eye out for updates on our social media platforms.