De Klerk & Roets' Big Build-Up Starts at the Weiveld 300

TreasuryOne Racing duo Hennie de Klerk and Adriaan Roets may have delayed their Dakar attack by a year, but that was for good reason. 2018 Dakar rookie winner de Kerk and Roets will return to the great race better prepared than ever when it starts in January 2023. That preparation starts this coming Saturday 19 February, appropriately enough at Parys in the Free State at The Inland Off Road Championship's Weiveld 300 season opener.

The duo will start their double TIORC and SA Cross Country attack in Hennie’s faithful Dakar ’18 rookie award winning TreasuryOne Amarok, before switching to the team's all-new TreasuryOne WCT Engineering Toyota Hilux. “Yes, the plan is to do all the regional and national races this year,” Hennie explained. “We will firstly race the Amarok before switching to our new Toyota for the bulk of the season. “We will then switch back to racing the Amarok locally from September, when the Hilux is scheduled to be prepared and shipped to Dakar 2023 in October.

“We are looking forward to a great season. “Adriaan is ready as always, the Amarok has been refreshed and will get new branding this week, before we do a quick test on Monday. “Our plan is to treat the season as a mini Dakar. “We will race at Dakar pace, in other words, fast but not too fast. “It’s all about preserving the car for the next day, so the aim is to finish all fourteen races without issues. “With a little luck, our slowly, slowly catch the monkey approach will deliver some good results. “We can’t wait — bring it on!”