There’s good reason why Dunlop backs SA racing

There is very good reason why Dunlop Sport Maxx has taken the tyre supply high ground in local circuit motor racing. Dunlop supplies tyres and supporting competitors in the country’s top national circuit racing formulae, Global Touring Cars, SupaCup and CompCare Polo Cup, the Gazoo Toyota GR Yaris Cup, as well as in several leading regional classes, through its motorsport partners ATS.

“Motorsport improves the breed,” Dunlop’s Sumitomo Rubber SA CEO Lubin Ozoux explains. “That is why Dunlop Sport Maxx will keep on building on our commitment to South African motor racing.

“We recently launched our market leading Dunlop Sport Maxx 060+ road tyre around the Killarney Extreme Racing Festival and there’s very good reason for that. “That is also why we’re consolidating our local racing efforts under the Dunlop Sport Maxx brand in South Africa.

Dunlop’s latest flagship ultra-high performance Sport Maxx 060+ road tyre delivers ultimate performance and longevity as it takes legendary Sport Maxx handling, steering response, stability, and grip next level.

Featuring an asymmetric, wide centre groove pattern that delivers even better dry and wet performance, Sport Maxx 060+ also brings a unique double-edged sword in 40% improved tyre life thanks to its new tread compound. It delivers a more dynamic, durable, higher mileage tyre together with much improved tyre performance.

“Our performance tyre customers want enhanced precision, response, and traction,” Ozoux points out. “Sport Maxx 060+ delivers all this and much more, backed by the same Japanese technology, craftmanship and innovation that Dunlop Tyres are already famous for.

“Dunlop tyre designers in Kobe worked hard to benchmark our new 060+ range against the best in the world. “We expect that the technology and features that we build into our new flagship performance tyres, will see Sport Maxx take the top end of the market by storm.

“So, we know how good our Dunlop Sport Maxx 060+ tyre is. “But there’s no better way to demonstrate Dunlop’s superiority as a performance engineered tyre brand beyond any doubt, than on the racetrack,” Lubin Ozoux concludes.

“When we win on track, everyone wins. “That is why South African motor racing will remain a cornerstone in demonstrating Dunlop’s Sport Maxx advantages.”