Partinform East Rand

Partinform East Rand

Partinform, the automotive components roadshow which has the express purpose of proselytising to the automotive aftermarket about the benefits of fitting quality branded product, held its first 2017 show at the Benoni Country Club on the East Rand, in Gauteng, on 15 February 2017.

The origins of Benoni makes for fascinating reading.

In 1881 Johan Rissik, the surveyor general of the Transvaal Republic, was having problems in assigning title deeds to unclaimed state property, called “uitvalgrond”, in the area around the Rietfontein, Modderfontein, Kleinfontein and Brakpan farms. In his frustration, Rissik named the area Benoni, after the Hebrew name, meaning “son of my sorrow”, given by Rachel to her son after she suffered a very difficult birthing, as told in the Book of Genesis. Later, after Rachel’s death, Benoni’s father Jacob renamed him Benjamin, which means “son-of-my-right-hand.

By the way, Jacob had twelve sons and at least one daughter,

by his two wives, Leah and Rachel, and by their handmaidens Bilhah and Zilpah. Behaviour which sounds shockingly familiar.

So, if you want a promiscuous son, name him Jacob.

On the evening of 15 February, the Partinform members were more than happy to be the right hand of the automotive fraternity of the East Rand, dispensing product knowledge, advice, fitment tips, and good cheer, and thus bringing joy, rather than sorrow.

aBr, as the Partinform internuncio, was there to act as the media messenger:

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