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Partinform goes North

The Partinform juggernaut, with the usual suspects in tow, made what appeared to be a vitally important educational trip to Pretoria North recently as Mabopane locals were schooled in the art of quality parts fitment.

Educating is a noble cause in this country, where the training and up-skilling of workers in general is a crucially important job. As we’re all too aware, the availability of technical skills and competence in the automotive service and repair industry is sorely lacking. But, the Partinform crowd are not deterred and plan to change all that, one roadshow at a time. And so it was that 2014’s first training session, held under Partinform’s auspices, took place in Pretoria North’s Mabopane Indoor Sports Hall over two days in early April.

Judging by the enthusiasm shown - and by the questions asked - Mabopane residents are famished when it comes to proper parts know-how. Informal mechanics packed into two training halls and participated feverishly as they posed questions to the relevant experts. Their keenness was palpably contagious and the quality of queries improved as they day went on. Covering a broad spectrum, topics included everything from brakes to shocks to batteries and everything in between.