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A royal affair

Partinform Swaziland

The monarchy and Kingdom of Swaziland opened its gates to allow the Partinform crusaders to infiltrate Mbabane and spread their right parts, right fitment message throughout the realm last month.

And no surprise, given that the information provided by Partinform members - the noblest of servants in the aftermarket - is fit for any king. Attendees were once again royally entertained on the evening in what was a crowning achievement for all. Any one of the Partinform members could assume the parts knowledge throne such is their command of the forces in the aftermarket.

Some believe Partinform members to be princely, while others suggest they be knighted. Many are Jacks in the trade, with aces up their sleeves. Never reigning themselves in, they duke it out in displays of sheer wizardry as you can see in the pictures that follow.