Verdant Visit to the City of Flowers

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It’s not common knowledge, but Pietermaritzburg takes the crown as the South African city with the most Jacaranda trees. Plus many other trees, and flowers for Africa. Nestled among tranquil forests, and with a well-known Botanical Garden, the city is a horticulturist’s dream. And on 12 November the Partinform caravan was welcomed at the Royal Agricultural Show grounds with leafy surrounds and soaking rains, and the Partinform guys responded with a verdant display of their own.

The Partinform brand is all about the benefits of fitting quality branded automotive parts, and the Partinform invitation to the parts resellers, workshops, fitment centres, informal mechanics, budding entrepreneurs and DIY enthusiasts in the garden city mimicked throbbing stamen full of pollen, and the automotive folk flocked to the event like bees attracted to the bright and colourful spectacle. The word had spread like tendrils on chloropyllic steroids.

Anyone looking for cheap and nasty product was barking up the wrong tree, because the Partinform trade show has developed strong roots, and it has branched out into delivering a message through information, education, quiz shows, and great prizes. And the attendees soon twigged onto the fact that food and refreshments were also available. This tried and tested formula is necessary because it is a jungle out there, and this type of show is necessary because it stems from the fact that there is a lot of counterfeit product out there, and trenches have to be dug in defence of South African manufactured products. But with the right fertilizer, good watering and mulching, the message does get across, and it blooms into strong foliage of knowledge and responsibility.

aBr was there to paint a pretty picture, and to plant a seed in our readers’ minds, so that this knowledge can be harvested across the country.

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