No Second Guessing in Secunda

No Second Guessing in Secunda

Secunda was established in the 1970’s and has proved to be one of South Africa’s great success stories. Built in the middle of the coal fields of Mpumalanga by Sasol, at the behest of government, there was no second guessing at the time

Fast forward to 2019, and once again there was no second guessing at the Makoro Conference Venue on 9 October, when the Partinform road show hit town. The strong message of only fitting quality branded product resonated with the automotive aftermarket fraternity of the Leandra, Trichardt, Secunda triangle, particularly with the faction that ensures that the Sasol 2 plant stays ahead of the game with their world leading technology of turning coal into liquid hydrocarbons, liquid fuels and petrochemicals. There is no place for inferior, no name brands when the wheels need to keep turning, and thus the message was received with high octane enthusiasm. aBr, the high cetane automotive aftermarket publication, was there to take in the exploits of the participants:

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