My Xmas Wish List

My Xmas Wish List

Since this is our last issue for this year, I thought I would compile a Xmas wish list. So here it is:

Dear Santa

I have a Xmas list that is quite unselfish, as what I want is for the country, and not for me personally, except for wish number 15.

  1. A president who has not faced rape charges, who does not build personal palaces at the taxpayers’ expense, who does not face hundreds of corruption charges, who does not have unsavoury relationships with shady expat businessmen, who does not, etcetera, etcetera …
  2. A president who actually applies his mind to running the country, and not ducking and dodging the consequences of his immoral actions.
  3. A public broadcaster that is run by a board that is competent and not politically connected, and with executive management that put the policies of the board into expert practice. And let us have a sane COO!
  4. A government that follows the mandate of the people, and a government that has zero tolerance for corruption.
  5. A business friendly environment, with “more red carpet, and less red tape.”
  6. Tertiary educational institutions that are supported by government.
  7. A government and parliament that does its job, respects judicial processes, and a government and parliament of which I can be proud.
  8. Labour unions who strive to create an environment whereby the unemployed can believe in a future.
  9. State Owned Enterprises that are efficiently run, with competent leaders who are not politically connected, and who have a profit motive rather than a backhand motive.
  10. An education system that produces educated and trained students, ready for university, and ready for the workplace.
  11. A police service that protects the citizens of South Africa.
  12. An army that marches on its stomach, rather than rolling on its stomach.
  13. A health system that delivers for both patients and nurses, and delivers babies safely rather than delivering for the back pockets of the bureaucrats and politicians.
  14. Corruption free metro policing.
  15. Socks and aftershave.

And less potholes, and less litter, and less crime, and less grime, and, and, and …

But let me put all this into one word – my Xmas wish list is LEADERSHIP.

Leadership is all that the people of South Africa want. But I guess that I will have to settle for the socks and aftershave!

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